The Points System

When I am streaming I run a loyalty points system. You can find out how many points you have live on the stream by asking woprbot with the command !mypoints

Loyalty points are used to buy raffle tickets for when there is a give away live on the stream.

How Can I Earn Them?

Their is 3 ways you can currently earn points when the stream is live.

  • 1. Watch the stream. (1 point every 15 min's consecutively watched)

  • 2. Make a song request (0.5 points per valid request)

  • 3. Make a donation* (Amount varies check details on twitch page)

    (* Donation points are added after the stream finishes)

  • 1. Entries to a give away raffle cost 10 points each and there is a maximum of 2 entries per give away.

  • 2. Stream idlers will have all points removed.

  • 3. Any trolling to myself or other viewers and any general being a dick will result in all points being removed.

  • 4. All point tracking will stop at the end of the stream.

  • 5. First time viewers have to wait 15 min before being rewarded there first point.

  • 6. All reasonable measures are taken to backup the points people have earned. Should the worst happen then I can only guarantee points will be restored to people who have donated.

  • 7. If you buy a ticket and you do not win points will not be refunded.

  • 8. Should you change twitch account, points can only be transferred if I receive a request from both accounts via a PM on twitch. In both of the PM's you must state both account names that the enquiry is about so that I can be sure that you own both accounts.

  • 9. All keys are checked before the give away stream starts. Should you have a problem with using a key then you will need to take it up with steam support.

Check My Points Total